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February 2014 A Drawing a Day challenge

February 1, 2014

It’s here again! The 28 day drawing-a-day challenge. Day 1 Happy Dog Day 2 Pink Bully Day 3 Funky Chicken Day 4 Billy Day 5 Even Wonkier Donkey (a quickie) Day 6 Old Goat (on old life drawings) Day 7 Spotty Dog (on old life drawings) Day 8 Spotty Bird (on old gesture drawings) – […]

2014 | Animal art

Wonky donkey

January 30, 2014

new year, new (ish) style. Still a bit haphazard but I’m enjoying the random messiness.

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Horse commission

January 12, 2014

I’ve never painted a horse before and the photographic references of the dark horse I was given were small and not detailed enough for the sort of painting I like to do. Panic!! Had to revert to a “colour and movement” strategy…acrylics used as washy watercolour on top of an old life drawing (I don’t […]

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Jylian Gustlin life drawings

September 17, 2013

My favourite sort of life drawing – energetic, dynamic, full of colour and interest…so much more than just a representation of life and the human body. See much more here:

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Barbara Rae

May 16, 2013

I fell totally in love with this artist’s work – such vibrance and immediacy! The energy of her mark-making is quite astounding as is her vivid colour sense. It inspires me to be more diligent about keeping a sketchbook. To see more of Barbara Rae’s work go to (click on the sketchbook link)

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Richard Hickam

May 16, 2013

so much life and character in these beautifully vibrant portraits

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view from Ian’s studio

March 22, 2013

Had a gorgeous lunch at a friend’s lovely new house complete with panoramic views of the South Shropshire hills from the studio and enjoyed some impromptu landscape painting with watercolours and messy art bars.

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February Drawing-a-day

February 1, 2013

FEBRUARY DRAWING-A-DAY It’s that time of year again so here goes… and on the final day, a picture of some of the paintings precariously balanced on my easel… DAY 28 Cherry cupcake (acrylics/collage) It seemed fitting to start and end with a cupcake..especially as this was also a commission 🙂 DAY 27 Hare (acrylics)  (commissioned) […]

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