It’s that time of year again so here goes…

and on the final day, a picture of some of the paintings precariously balanced on my easel…

DAY 28 Cherry cupcake (acrylics/collage) It seemed fitting to start and end with a cupcake..especially as this was also a commission 🙂

DAY 27 Hare (acrylics)  (commissioned)

DAY 26 Pink Grapefruit (acrylics/collage)

DAY 25 Pomegranates (acrylics with a touch of pastel) yet another much painted subject…luscious colour though and very glossy translucent seeds..tasted fab too

DAY 24 Portrait (collage) – portrait of the artist’s mother (She would be mortified if she saw this..it’s not exactly flattering!) Experimentation in collage.

DAY 23 Physalis (acrylic/collage)

DAY 22 Allium Seedhead (ink with resist/pencil crayon)- another much painted and drawn subject. I’ve been experimenting with inks and find them a lot more colour saturated than watercolour but more translucent and “pure” than acrylics.

DAY 21 Nest (watercolour/acrylic/collage) – same nest that I painted for Feb drawing challenge 2012..found in my garden and sits on the windowsill in the studio…it’s been painted many times

DAY 20 Poppy Seedheads – watercolour/art bars

….and after a 9 day break

here is DAY 19 – first life-drawing session after far too long.  Two 20 minute sploshy watercolours of Maria, lovely model and particularly good lighting on her skin.  Not particularly happy with either drawing but like little bits of each…especially her bottom in the first one and the hair and drapery in the second.

DAY 10 close up of a cherry – just a quickie

DAY 9 cherries in a bowl – one day behind…not feeling the love at the moment

DAY 8 back to food…aubergines

DAY 7 love cow – collage – cheated a bit cos I started it on Tuesday and finished it on Wednesday for a special project

DAY 6 artichoke take 2 – acrylic used as watercolour on some weird oil paint canvas paper

DAY 5 dried artichoke flower…not entirely happy with this, a bit of a struggle.  May have to have another go tomorrow

DAY 4 garlic

DAY 3 figs

DAY 2 Chillis

DAY 1 Cupcake

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