COLOUR is my inspiration and forms the basis of my work exploring form, light and texture.

My background is in Graphic Design and Illustration and I worked for many years in advertising as an Art Director. Moving from London to rural Shropshire has focused my art on the beautiful countryside I live in. I particularly love to paint vibrant often quirky portraits of animals and birds, domestic, farm and occasionally wild, paying a lot of attention to the details that give my subjects life and character. Other works include still life, portraits and semi-abstract experimental landscapes.

I enjoy using a variety of media, quite often mixed, including acrylics, watercolour, pastels, collage and occasionally oils, and a variety of tools from feathers to bamboo sticks, sandpaper to old credit cards…not forgetting paintbrushes (both ends!) and fingers in the process of creating a picture.

Life drawing to me is the mainstay of an artist’s practice.  Rendering flesh, blood and bone through a variety of techniques and materials is both a discipline and a joy. I attend life drawing classes at the Hive and English Bridge Workshop in Shrewsbury as often as possible.

For sales information my agent is Collier and Dobson.

NEWS   March 2015 Winner of WH Smith #Human Form competition

Previous exhibitions

February 2015 FACEBOOK 28 Drawings Later
November 2014 (until January) Gas Hall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (West Midlands Open Exhibition)
April/May 2014 Wightman Gallery Shrewsbury
February 2014 FACEBOOK 28 Drawings Later
February 2013 FACEBOOK 28 Drawings Later
November/Dec 2012 Market Hall Gallery Shrewsbury
October 2012 Black Bear Whitchurch (SOLO)
September/October 2012 Much Wenlock Open Exhibition The Edge
July/August 2012 The Shrewsbury Coffeehouse/Shrewsbury Open Studios
March 2012 The Old Hairdresser’s Glasgow
February 2012 FACEBOOK  28 Drawings Later: February Drawing Challenge
August 2011 Dearnford Cafe Whitchurch (SOLO)
July 2011 Leasowes Musical Festival Ratlinghope
May 2011 Market Hall Gallery Shrewsbury
March 2011 SPARC Gallery Bishopscastle
February 2011 Market Hall Gallery Shrewsbury
December 2010 The White Horse Inn Pulverbatch
November 2010 The Edge Much Wenlock
July 2010 QUBE Gallery Oswestry
June 2010 The Hive Shrewsbury
May 2010 Bear Steps Shrewsbury
December 2009 The White Horse Inn Pulverbatch
December 2008 The White Horse Inn Pulverbatch
May 2008 Oswestry Heritage Centre
December 2007 The White Horse Inn Pulverbatch
March 2007 Bear Steps Shrewsbury
June 2006 Bear Steps Shrewsbury
December 2005 Bear Steps Shrewsbury
January 2003 Gateway Gallery Shrewsbury