It’s here again! The 28 day drawing-a-day challenge.

Day 1 Happy Dog

Day 2 Pink Bully

Day 3 Funky Chicken

Day 4 Billy

Day 5 Even Wonkier Donkey (a quickie)

Day 6 Old Goat (on old life drawings)

Day 7 Spotty Dog (on old life drawings)

Day 8 Spotty Bird (on old gesture drawings) – I can’t decide which one I prefer, the whole page or the closeup version

Day 9 Chicken Licken (on old gesture drawing)

Day 10 Guinea Fowl

Day 11 Yet another Guinea Fowl…I’m becoming obsessed with these things!!

Day 12 Bad Hare Day…a quickie

Day 13 Mad Cow

Day 14 Zebra

Day 15 Cocky Locky

Day 16 Hare

Day 17 Lucky Duck

Day18 Pink Bird

Day 19 Peacock for Liss…amazing the difference paper makes – this is on good quality watercolour paper (on top of a previous painting) and I couldn’t get it to flow. ┬áMay have to try another peacock tomorrow…

Day 20 Another Peacock – had to get up early to do this one…20 minutes and much better than yesterday’s effort I think

Day 21 Sheep

Day 22 More chickens…

Day 23 Another cow

Day 24 Pair of ducks

Day 25

Day 26 Bull terrier (flagging a bit…)

Day 27 Fox (flagging even more….)

Day 28 PHEW!! Badger – Is it safe to come out yet? (on a day when the badger cull to which I’m fiercely opposed was found to be inhumane and ineffective)

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