Following on from the 28 day drawing challenge, I’ve decided to take one of the images and experiment with various media, colours, textures, etc. to create new works.  

For the first picture I used acrylic paint on top of an old life drawing picture.

For the second one I cut out the hands from an old monoprint (oil paint on tracing paper) and then used a water-soluble blue crayon on top of a pale blue wash to draw the face.  I used a small amount of pastel in the same colour as the hands to create accents on the face.

I’m finding it really difficult to work in a completely different style.  I meant this picture to have more solid blocks of colour but was sidetracked by more collage material!

A rare black and white attempt!  Charcoal lift out on cream pastel paper with white pastel  highlights.

Newspaper collage (and I have filthy black fingers)

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