I hope this is going to force me to draw or paint something every day.

Day 1 of the February Drawing Challenge.  Used luscious new Maimeri Blu watercolours and oil pastel

Day 2. Cheated a bit and painted this from a photograph

Day 3.  Gorgeous sunlight coming through my studio window – fab green lighty shadow

Day 4.  Really enjoying this challenge…recycling old life drawings to paint on

Day 5. Eggs painted on recycled life drawing.  Next day’s eggs may be broken…

Day 6. Life Drawing class today at English Bridge with a brand new model called Maria..

Day 7.  Broken egg painted on another recycled life drawing.

Day 8. Satsumas on old life drawing.

Day 9. Pear on old life drawing.

Day 10. Nest on old gesture drawing.  Paper used was really thick lining paper (wallpaper)..fabulous to draw on.

Day 11. Red onions ditto day 10

Day 12. Banana

Day 13. George. 13 mins. acrylics.  English Bridge Life Class today.

Day 14. Dog.  Pencil and collage.

Day 15. Sheep. Acrylic with pencil and collage.

Day 16. Pig.  Really struggled with this one and not terribly happy with the outcome…collage, newspaper, pink tissue and flowery wrapping paper

Day 17. Cow. pencil and collage.

Day 18. Another cow. Acrylic and collage.

Day 19. Back to fruit….Pomegranate drawing on recycled gestural life drawing.

Day 20.  More pomegranates, this time drawn with pastels on black paper.

Day 21. Becky.  Life drawing 20 mins using acrylics.

Day 22. Fruit again…Strawberries (mixed media) on recycled gesture drawing.

Day 23. More fruit..melon slice with watercolour/acrylic and collage on old life drawing.

Day 24. Cherry Cupcake.

Day 25. Lemons.

Day 26. Garlic.  Running out of old life drawings to paint on….

Day 27. Portrait.

LAST ONE!! Day 28.  There have been a lot of banana drawings on this challenge, so much so that it’s become a bit of a joke…therefore I couldn’t resist a banana split for my very last work….Ceci ne pas une banane

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